Fantastic Dizzy / Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, Derek Leigh Gilchrist, Paul Griffiths, Ash Hogg, Lyndon Sharp, Peter Williamson
Graphics: Leigh Christian, Joby Wood
Musician: Matt Gray, Ash Hogg, Matt Simmonds, Lyndon Sharp


The land of the Yolkfolk had always been a safe and peaceful place.
The Yolkfolk themselves, with their oval shaped bodies and bright red gloves and boots, lived in treehouses high in the forest.
They spent their days exploring the forest and mining diamonds to trade with the trolls in the neighbouring town of Keldor.
This had been the tradition for as long as anyone could remember.....that was until that fateful day, when a dark stranger came to the land.
The stranger, known as Wizard Zaks, wore a long black cloak and a pointed hat which shaded his glowing eyes.
He took over Keldor Castle and summoned the head of the Yolkfolk.
Grand Dizzy went to the castle, only to be greeted by armour clad trolls carrying axes.
He introduced himself as a friend, but Zaks ordered the guards to seize him.
Grand Dizzy cunningly somersaulted over their heads and escaped.
From that day forward, the Yolkfolk have lived in fear of Zaks and his evil powers.
One day, Dizzy and his girlfriend Daisy were walking in the forest when the sky turned black.
A large bird swooped down and carried Daisy away to Zaks' newly built castle in the clouds.
Zaks himself had also cast an evil spell over the Yolkfolk.
It is now up to Dizzy to undo Zaks' evil spells on his friends and rescue Daisy from his evil clutches.


"The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" was released for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in November 1991.
It was also released on the controversial "Aladdin Deck Enhancer".
Created by Philip and Andrew Oliver (Dizzy Enterprises) and published by Codemasters/Camerica.
The game was originally set for a Christmas release in 1990.
But because of Nintendo suing Camerica and Galoob over the "Game Genie" at that time, the release was delayed for 11 months.
The game had only sold 125,000 units, instead of the expected 500,000.
Despite this, it was was awarded the "NES Adventure Game of the Year 1991" by Game Players Magazine and given the coveted "Parents Choice Award".
In October 1993, the game was re-released as "Fantastic Dizzy" for the Amiga, PC DOS, Sega Master System, Sega Game Gear and the Sega Mega Drive/Genesis.
It was also part of "The Big 6" compilation for the Amiga CD32.
There were plans to release the game on the Nintendo Game Boy and the Super Nintendo (SNES), both of which were unfinished and never released.
In 2019, a prototype of the Mega Drive version was discovered.
- More on the Mega Drive prototype
This game served as a 'megamix' of all the past Dizzy games, as some of the puzzles and situations were re-used.
Despite not being able to save your progress, many Dizzy fans still see Fantastic Dizzy as one of the best adventure games in the series.
You start the game with 3 lives, a damage bar and can carry up to 3 items.
One of the major objectives of the game is to find all 250 magic stars (or 100 magic stars on the original NES cartridge version) scattered around the map.
Finding all the stars will remove the force-field blocking the way to Zaks' Tower where Daisy is being held captive.
There are several places for Dizzy to visit, such as:
- The Yolkfolk Treehouse Village
- The countryside
- Keldor town
- Keldor castle
- The abandoned mine
- The graveyard
- Blackheart's pirate ship
- Carber Bay
- Zaks' castle
The game scrolls horizontally, but most areas do not scroll vertically.
When Dizzy jumps to an off-screen platform, a new screen is loaded.
As game play continues, the scenery cycles between night and day.
Also scattered around the map are scrolls where you get to play a sliding puzzle mini-game called "Puzzle Swap".
Completing the mini-game awards Dizzy with an extra life by Theodore.
There are also other mini-games you come across along the way:
- The Mine Cart Ride
- Bubble Dizzy (like the original Bubble Dizzy game)
- The Archery Game (you will need the "Crossbow" in your inventory to complete the mini-game)
- Dizzy Down the Rapids (NES version only)
- Showdown in Zaks' Tower
NOTE - ALL magic stars that appear in the mini-games must be collected too.
The cheat menu features an unused mini-game called "Puzzle Hole" which is similiar to the "Puzzle Swap" extra life game.
But this mini-game appears to be impossible to beat, because you could only move one tile at a time, with a time limit on top of that.
On the 8-bit versions, a volcano can seen in the background near the mine entrance.
To make the area more challenging, the volcano endlessly fires rocks that Dizzy must dodge to prevent damage.
The volcano does not appear in the 16-bit versions.
The Mega Drive version has a secret bonus involving an item called "Prince's Secret Sign", which can only be found by giving the "Pigmy Cow" to Prince Clumsy after giving the "Gold Coin" to the Shopkeeper to obtain the "Green Bean".
The Secret Sign can be used in the secret cave underneath the graveyard.
When used, purple rain appears in the cave and the player is rewarded with a high score (its known as the "Purple Rain" bonus).

Fantastic Dizzy / Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy
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