Feverbound Dizzy
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Author: Matt Lee (Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk)
Programmers: Matt Lee


It's Grand Dizzy's Birthday, but not just any birthday, hes reached a grand milestone and the yolkfolk clan were having a party bash to celebrate. Along with lots of grub & drinks they had decided to give him as a surprise an extra special treat, Dora & Daisy prepared old Grand Mother Dizzys special soup recipe that she used to make Grand Dizzy all those years ago. They were all there to took in except Dizzy & Danny. 
Dizzy had been taking his time replying back to Danny who had to turn down the invitation as he couldnt make it. However he was returning from the postbox having eventually getting there outside the post office in posting the reply and was late making his way to the party. For once as it turned out just as well. The ever not so friendly Zaks wasnt going to let the yolfolk celebrate so freely & enjoy the occasion and so tampered with the soup recipe pot by poisoning it. 
Dora but particuarly Daisy as they had been testing the soup was to required taste had consumed the most and along with the others all became ill & all had to be admitted to the nearest hospital. Having been examined they have come down with fever through zakenella poisoning. The severity of the fever was dependent on the amount each have eaten. Theodore on realising what had happened prepared some medical kits which holds just the right amount of antidote to neutralise the differing levels of fever. Theodore was waiting on the bridge Dizzy had to cross in returning from the post box with the medical kits to explain the situation. Unfortunately Zaks wasnt going to make it that easy and spread the medical kits all over the land. 
Dizzy must search the land to find the medical kits and take the correct one with the right level of antidote to treat each of the Yolkfolk & sort the soup pot to make it safe for consuming again. 


This game was also an entry in the 2010 DizzyAGE Easter Competition, and came 8th place. 

Feverbound Dizzy
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AddedMar 14, 2010
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