Dizzy and the God's Vengeance
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Author: Eleanor Burns
Programmers: Anthony Burns
Graphics: Anthony Burns


The kingdom of Katmandu has been struck by a plague of deadly spirits. To make matters worse, mysterious figures have been roaming the land since the trouble began, attacking all who cross their path.  
Intent upon discovering what lies behind these terrors, the king has called upon the aid of Dizzy, Prince of the Yolkfolk, greatest adventurer in the land. 
Loyal to his monarch, Dizzy sets forth into the haunted realms of Katmandu, alone, unarmed, and defenceless except for his wits (and if that doesn't sound like fun, you should stick to playing 'Doom'). 

Dizzy and the God's Vengeance
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersion
File Size1.69MbDownloads18174
AddedJun 21, 2007
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