Dizzy Goes to Hollywood (Adz.M)
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Author: Adam Markey (Adz.M)
Programmers: Adam Markey


Dizzy and the Yolkfolk have travelled to Hollywood to visit their old friend, Seymour.
The evil wizard Zaks, desperate to stop Dizzy in his tracks, follows the Yolkfolk to Hollywood by hiding in the luggage storage of the plane.
Seymour greets the Yolkfolk at the Airport and shows them the sites of Hollywood, and then takes them to his Villa.
As soon as they arrive at Seymour's Villa, Zaks appears right in front of them and casts a vanish spell on Daisy and himself.
Dizzy must now begin his quest through Hollywood in order to rescue Daisy,  and this time he has Seymour for company who helps Dizzy survive the madness the town holds.
Will Dizzy be able to stop Zaks once again?  


This is one of the old and possibly first Dizzy fangames Adam has made on Games Factory.
In June 2011, a heavily revamped beta version of the game was made available with improved longer levels, boss levels, graphics, audio and storyline.
However, the common TGF bug with sticking to walls and ceilings, along with a few unfixible minor bugs are still present on this new version, which is why it is branded as a beta.  


Walk Left - ←
Walk Right - →
Jump - Right Shift
Fire - Right Ctrl 

Dizzy Goes to Hollywood (Adz.M)
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv3.1
File Size6.93MbDownloads21359
AddedJun 20, 2007
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