Dizzy 3.5 - Into Magicland
Release Formats
Codemasters / Crash Cover Tape
Author: Big Red Software Ltd
Programmers: R. Fred Williams
Graphics: Neil Adamson


Dizzy wakes up one morning to find that nobody is around in the Yolkfolk village. 
However, Dizzy manages to find his cousin Danny who is stuck up a tree.
Danny tells Dizzy that the evil wizard Zaks has returned, kidnapped the Yolkfolk and taken them to a place called Magicland.
Now Dizzy is on a rescue mission to enter Magicland and save the Yolkfolk from Zaks.
But to enter Magicland, Dizzy will need to fix Grand Dizzy's teleporting machine....


"Dizzy 3 in a Half - Into Magicland" (also known as "Dizzy 3.5" or "Dizzy III.V") was a mini adventure game which served as an intro to "Magicland Dizzy".

It was exclusively given away in the January 1991 edition of "Crash" magazine (Issue 84) for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum.
With 5 screens in size, it is also the smallest Dizzy game in the series.
This is also the only game to feature Dizzy's cousin, Danny.
The objective is to rescue Danny and get Grand Dizzy's teleporting machine working in order to reach Magicland.

Dizzy 3.5 - Into Magicland
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PlatformZX Spectrum 48KVersion
File Size16.98KbDownloads17433
AddedFeb 3, 2017
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