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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, W.A.S.P., Mark Beno Bell, Jason Benham, Lyndon Sharp
Graphics: Chris Graham, Damon Redmond
Musician: Allister Brimble, Lyndon Sharp


Dizzy and the Yolkfolk have outraged the Evil Wizard Zaks who has cast a sinister spell which has sent the Yolkfolk to the land of personality.
Dizzy can choose who to rescue first but to be a true hero, he'll have to save all his friends.
- Denzil thought he was cool and ended up in the Land of Ice. Left out, chill out!
- Dylan spent most of his time with his head in the clouds, and that's exactly where he found himself, stranded high and dry!
- Grand Dizzy was old and touch senile, his fate was to be cast into Cuckoo Land trapped by clocks and giant teddy bears.
- Daisy was Zaks' greatest prize and he kept her close to him in his Castle Dungeon protected by his best henchmen.
The challenge begins!


Kwik Snax is an arcade style maze video game play, released in 1990 by Codemasters.
It was the fourth game in the Dizzy series and was developed by the Oliver Twins and is considered a sequel to Fast Food.
After the Oliver twins had completed Operation Gunship they wanted to release another puzzle game similar to Fast Food which only required two weeks of development time. However, unexpectedly it required much more time.
Kwik Snax was welcomed quite well, especially for the ZX Spectrum, receiving a 92/100 from both "Your Sinclair" and "Crash" magazines, two British publications from the 1980's regarding ZX Spectrum videogames.
The Commodore 64 port, which was different even in gameplay from the ZX Spectrum version, didn't have such a glamorous reception.
Zzap!64, a 1980's magazine dedicated to the Commodore series of computers, awarded 80/100, mentioning a lack of polish on the graphics and AI of the game. 

Kwik Snax
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