Dizzy Legends - Ch. 1: The Lord of Darkness
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Author: Jamie Douglas (delta)
Programmers: Jamie Douglas


Dizzy Legends: The Lord of Darkness
A long time ago, countless years before the time of Dizzy and the present Yolkfolk, evil and oppression were the watchwords of the land. Common yolkfolk were suppressed, beaten and tortured. The land itself had a dark dank air of fear and terror, and an oppressive, twisted, and paranoid leader ruled with an iron fist... 
Chapter 1: The Lord of Darkness
Demetrius, King of the Yolkfolk, has ruled over the land for over 20 years. Over the years opposition to his rule has slowly grown, and now a small group of his subjects are starting to vocally demand a change of ruler. Getting ever more paranoid and fearful, The King has started to believe that his stepbrother Dexter is orchastrating a plot to remove him from the throne.
In a carefully planned dawn raid, Demetrius has Dexter captured and brought to the Royal Castle of Illumination, where Demetrius has him thrown in the eerie dungeons of the castle. In the depths of paranoia and fearing that his relative must be plotting to forcibly replace him, The King gives orders that Dexter should remain wandering in the labyrinth of dungeons for the rest of his life... 


This is the first DizzyAGE game to be made in RPG style. 


Z / Left Arrow - Move Left
X / Right Arrow - Move Right
K / Up Arrow - Move Up
M / Down Arrow - Move Down 
to perform an action / open inventory 
SPACE to examine an object 
ESCAPE / Q for menu. 

Dizzy Legends - Ch. 1: The Lord of Darkness
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