Magic Maniax 2
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Author: Adam Markey (Adz.M)
Programmers: Adam Markey


In the early evenings, Daisy was last seen in the Strawberry garden about a mile away from the Yolkfolk village when the dark clouds started to appear followed by a freak thunderstorm. 
After the storm, Dizzy went to look around and there was no sign of Daisy!
Dizzy then hears something in the sky which sounds like the sky is laughing at him.
He thinks to himself. "Zaks again!". 
Dizzy returns to the Yolkfolk village and notices parts of the valley are twinkling red. 
He sets off to see what's going on and to rescue Daisy from Zaks.
But will he suceed again? 


Sequel to the first Magic Maniax game with some new features. 


Default controls are ARROW KEYS LEFT and RIGHT to walk and RIGHT SHIFT to jump.
The keys can be changed anytime during the game by pressing Ctrl+K.

Guide to the Game:

-- In the game you'll come across some items (e.g. key) if an item flashes, it means it is collectable and be used anywhere on the current stage you're on.
-- There are Arrows that can point you through the righ direction aswell as point to where a switch was hidden.
-- The switches in the game can also activate walls or trap doors.
-- You start the game with 9 Lives, you lose one life if you touch something dangerous or fall in the water, if you fall in the water, you get repositioned to the beginning of the level by a mysterious sprit that takes a life off you.
-- If you lose all your lives it's Game Over! Be sure you make a note of the passwords that you'll come across during the game after every boss fight. (Alt+P to enter a password)
-- Walk into Mushrooms to reach higher places.

What's new?:

-- All levels have been polished and redesigned, some are now harder than before.
-- All graphics and sprites have been improved.
-- The SFX have been improved.
-- The Boss fights have been improved.

Known bugs:

There are still various bugs on this version that could not be fixed.
-- Dizzy can still get stuck on walls and ceilings, try to avoid touching the walls.
-- A minor animation bug with Dizzy's walking sprites when he lands in a certain way.
-- If you want Dizzy to jump higher on mushrooms, walk into the mushrooms instead of jumping on them. 

Magic Maniax 2
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv3.2
File Size3.46MbDownloads20400
AddedJan 7, 2007
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