Magic Maniax 3
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Adz' Game Chest
Author: Adam Markey (Adz.M)
Programmers: Adam Markey


After his previous fight against Zaks not long ago, Dizzy thinks about Zaks and what could have happened to him after the red twinkles incident.
But little did Dizzy know is that Zaks is alive and well and keeping a close eye on him!
What kind of mayhem could Zaks have up his sleeve this time? 


Default controls are ARROW KEYS LEFT and RIGHT to walk, ARROWS KEYS UP and DOWN to climb ladders and beanstalks and RIGHT SHIFT to jump.
The keys can be changed anytime during the game by pressing Ctrl+C.


On many levels of this game, you may encounter various things like:

-- Glowing Items which'll help you get through one part of the level

-- Arrows guiding you

-- Switches that activate things near by

-- Enemys to avoid

-- Extra lives to collect

-- Mushrooms to bounce on

-- Ladders to climb

-- Bosses to defeat by either attacking or avoiding their attacks

-- Passwords to enter after every Boss fight (Alt+P to enter a password).

What's new?:

-- All levels have been polished and redesigned, some are now harder than before.

-- All graphics and sprites have been improved.

-- The SFX have been improved.

-- The Boss fights have been improved.

-- The ladders can now be climbed properly. 

-- Zones 5, 6 and the ending had to be redone from scratch due to losing the original game file.

-- Only one deleted level exists due to losing the original game file.

Known bugs:

There are still various bugs on this version that could not be fixed.

-- Dizzy can still get stuck on walls and ceilings, try to avoid touching the walls.

-- A minor animation bug with Dizzy's walking sprites when he lands in a certain way.

-- If you want Dizzy to jump higher on mushrooms, walk into the mushrooms instead of jumping on them. 

Magic Maniax 3
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv2.2
File Size3.75MbDownloads20400
AddedJan 7, 2007
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