Pirate Ship Dizzy
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Author: Jamie Douglas (delta)
Programmers: Jamie Douglas


Dizzy is walking along the beach one day, admiring the ships anchored near the shore, when suddenly a pirate appears! 
"I be Capt'n Blackeye, and I needs yer help!" growls the pirate, and tells Dizzy how his crew have taken control of his Galleons, and all his Treasure! 
Dizzy, not wanting to get on the wrong side of a pirate, and being quite a helpful fellow anyway, happily agrees to board the vessels, and recover all the Treasure. 
Take control of Dizzy and guide him through 80 Holds on the 4 Galleons, collecting all the Treasure and avoiding the mutinous pirates! 


This game is based on an old Spectrum game called Booty. The basic idea is that Dizzy is a cabin boy on a pirate ship, and has to collect pirate treasure from the different 'holds' (rooms) on the ship. You also collect keys to open sections in those holds, to gain access to new areas. 
There are no 'puzzles' in this game, and the only actionable items are the doors between holds. Other common 'Dizzy' actions are disabled - you can't jump, there is no inventory, and large falls will kill you. 
In addition, Pirates roaming the ship will kill you on contact, so you'll find yourself using the ladders and lifts quite often in order to avoid them. 

Pirate Ship Dizzy
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AddedNov 18, 2010
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