Dizzy - Return to Khatmandu
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Author: Bubblefox
Programmers: Bubblefox


Poor Daisy.
She was taking her precious diamonds to the safety deposit box in the other part of Khatmandu, she barely got out of the door when a vile looking being cast a spell on Daisy, turning her into the ugliest of the trolls!
Fortunately for her, the spell scattered all of her diamonds across Katmandu.
Unfortunately for Dizzy, he must do all the work for Litle Miss Slavedriver.
Besides, he doesnt like having a Troll for a girlfriend.
Dizzy was looking through Theodore's Spell Book, and it mentioned a very powerful potion that was so powerful it had the power to change Daisy back into a beautiful egg.
He telephoned Glenda who made the potion for Dizzy and left it in a safe place to collect.
However the phone cut out before he heard the exact location.
There was also some sort of warning but Dizzy paid little attention.
After many failed attempts to contact Glenda again, Dizzy gave up and went on his mission.
As for the Diamonds, well, Dizzy must find them all himself.
So off Dizzy went to save Daisy once again, he really doesn't like her new fragrance. 

Dizzy - Return to Khatmandu
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv1.2
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AddedJan 15, 2007
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