Dizzy - The Secret Land [PL]
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Stikens Software
Author: Stikens Software
Programmers: Miras


Sarg-Yard is a mysterious town located not far from the Yolkfolk forest.
That place has long contained countless mysteries.
It's inhabitants have always been friendly and they would help one another.
One time, a strange light appeared.
Silence fell, and people surprised by this phenomenon had no idea what would happen in the following moments...
Suddenly, Deadman appeared in the sky, an evil and powerful necromancer.
At that moment, terrified townspeople could only fear the worst...
And that's exactly what happened.
Deadman didn't spare anyone who got in his way.
He cast a spell upon defenseless towns people changing them along the way into his serfs, and the once-abandoned castle on the edge of town was taken over by Deadman.
The evil-doer gathered much intelligence on Dizzy, and destroyed Dizzy's house so that he would stay out of Deadman's evil plan to rule the town of Sarg-Yard.
Dizzy intends to investigate the situation and foil Deadman's plan.
(Thanks to Kirkub for translating the Intro from Polish to English) 


This game was only released in the Polish language.

Dizzy - The Secret Land [PL]
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PlatformWindows 32bitVersionv1.0
File Size7.19MbDownloads17221
AddedNov 13, 2007
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