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Author: Big Red Software Ltd
Programmers: Big Red Software, Optimus, Shane O'Brien, Andy Torkington, Fred Williams
Graphics: Chris Graham, Brian Hartley, Pete Ranson, Jonothan Smyth
Musician: Allister Brimble


Dizzy's been visiting his local friendly Wizard Theodore.
Now Theo, who may be a dab hand in the waving of wands area, is not much cop at the filing-things-away-neatly department and has left his book of "Really Powerful Spells" lying round in his laboratory.
What's more, the book's been left open at the page headed "A Really, Really Powerful Spell" (That shouldn't be read out loud).
Whether Dizzy actually read the heading is not known but - yikes! - he said the spell and It's caused a catastrophe: Dizzy spirited all his Yolkfolk chums and Wizard Theo into the underworld!
There's only one course of action open to the brave little hero: read the spell again and spirit himself into the underworld to save his rotund group of pals! 


"Spellbound Dizzy" ("Dizzy V") was known as the fifth adventure game in the series, despite being released after "Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk".
Developed by Big Red Software and published by Codemasters for the Sinclair ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC 464, Commodore 64, Amiga and Atari ST in March 1992.
The game was also released as part of both the 8-bit and 16-bit "Dizzy's Excellent Adventures" compilations.
Aswell as being released on "The Big 6" compilation for the Amiga CD32.
Containing a total of 105 screens, Spellbound is said to be bigger than Fantasy World and Magicland put together.
Consequently, it also meant that this game is longer and more difficult to complete.
A "Lite" version of this game was released on the Commodore 64, which has less screens to explore compared to the original release.
According to the November 1991 edition of "Your Sinclair" magazine (Issue 71), an article on the "Dizzy's Excellent Adventures" compilation showed that this game was originally going to be called "Mystic Kingdom Dizzy".
The article showed early screenshots, including different designs to some of the Yolkfolk.
You start the game with 3 lives, a full health bar, and this time can only carry up to 2 items.
Much like with Fantasy World, there is a carrier bag located somewhere in the caves that allows Dizzy to carry up to 4 items.
The main objective of this game is much more complicated than previous Dizzy games.
With the help of Good Wizard Theodore, you must once again rescue all 7 members of the Yolkfolk village (including Pogie the Fluffle) by collecting 5 magic stars each and giving an item that belongs to a member of the Yolkfolk to Theodore.
There are a total of 40 magic stars to collect, some are hidden behind railings, tufts of grass, flowers, crystal leaves, iron chains and seaweed.
To further add to the difficulty, Dizzy now loses health when he falls from a certain height.
The falling damage made it too easy for lives to be lost, escpecially for first time players.
Even though the game has pieces of fruit that replenishes your health scattered around the map, many players have still resorted to using pokes or cheats that give Dizzy unlimited lives because of this level of difficulty.
Even Peter Teal's DizzyAGE remake has the option to disable the fall damage.
One very repetitive feature is having to make your way to "The Sandstone Quarry" to pick up a certain number of heavy rocks in order to venture deep down into the windy shaft.
Doing this is much more frustraiting at the start of the game where you can only carry 2 items, along with having to go up and down "The Bear Pit" and moving the "Trampette" on top of that.
The heavy rocks smash when they're dropped from your inventory, the only way to drop the rocks without breaking them is placing them on clouds.
Any rocks that break will respawn back at "The Sandstone Quarry".
Like with Treasure Island, there are sections where Dizzy must explore underwater.
You no longer drown instantly once you're underwater, but your health does begin to drain slowly the longer you're in the water.
There is an item in the caves called the "Aqualung" that allows Dizzy to breathe underwater.
Also located on a high cloud between "The Vast Lake" and "The Sandstone Quarry", are the "Flippers" that will allow Dizzy to swim to much higher places.
The game also has 3 deceptively hidden rooms.
Each one contains items that are required to complete the game.
- One is located to the left of "Dylan's Hole".
- The second is located to the left of "A Watery Passage" (where the "Soggy Log" is), you will need the flippers to reach it.
- The third is located to the south east "The Pumping Station" screen. You will need to flood the station and again obtain the flippers to reach the room.
The room in question is "The Illusion Returns!" screen where the "Pretty Cloth" item is hidden behind a wall panel.
One returning feature is that there are mushrooms that act as springs you can jump up.
A feature that was last seen on the first Dizzy game.
Another returning feature from Treasure Island are scrolls scattered around the map.
Some give hints and descriptions of your current surroundings, the other scrolls advertised Codemasters games and gave shout outs to staff and Dizzy fans.

Spellbound Dizzy
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