A small update worth a read there, G.D.
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 17 Mar 2008 10:52

....and G.D. stands for Grand Dizzy for those who didn't know that ;)


Anyway, heres today's updates I've come to tell you all :)


The following Fangames have been added to the 'Coming Soon' page, All entries to this year's DizzyAGE Competition.
- Dizzy and the CrabApple
- Dizzy and the Magic Wand
- Dizzy in the Forgotten Realm
- Dizzy's Dream Home
- Magic Star Dizzy
- Volcano Island Dizzy


And lastly, the following pages now have fancy images, just to make this site more attractive, baring in mind I don't do girly!
- Contact Us
- Game Audio
- Mobile Goodies 


That's about it for now me thinks.

_ _



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