Crystal Kingdom Remake Community Project
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 09 Jun 2014 20:51

I was going to wait until after the Easter Competition to post this, but after seeing the comments on the forums has made me feel like posting this now. 
Since finishing Peter Teal's Spellbound Dizzy remake was successful (Again, special thanks of course to the peeps that made it possible ), I decided to start up a new Community Project to get Crystal Kingdom remade on DizzyAGE. 


Crystal Kingdom was one of my childhood games on the C64 and I was a bit disheartened to hear that many Dizzy fans here were not too keen on this game, mostly because of the way Dizzy jumped and it being split into 4 levels. 
I figured that with the remake, they'd be a "8-bit" version of Crystal Kingdom that many would enjoy. 
However, what I've got planned out will mean that this will NOT be an accurate remake of the game, I've built the map using the traditional 8-bit graphics, Dizzy will jump like he normally does and it will not be split into 4 levels.  
Further details on this project can be found on the thread in the Community Forums.
Best of luck to those who wish to take on the challenge! 
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- Thread on the Community Forums
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