Dizzy and the Other Side
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 01 Jun 2008 08:51

Ladies and Yolkmen! 
The ticket to the Other Side has finally arrived!

Dizzy has to take a trip to the Other Side and retrieve the Stone of Balance! Sounds simple?

Well, this game happens to be huge!!
And once you finish the game, you can submit your score on the 'Dizzy and the Other Side' website so see how well you did.
Plus, because this game has It's own website, you can only download 'Dizzy and the Other Side' over there, along with a lot of other 'Dizzy and the Other Side' goodies.

If you're looking for the game's info page on Yolkfolk.com, you can find it under 'Yolkfolk.com games' in the Fan games page, seeing It's own site is hosted on Yolkfolk.com ;).

We hope you enjoy the game and good luck to everybody playing it!

- The 'Dizzy and the Other Side' website
- Game's database entry
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