Dizzy Legends - Chapter 2: Curse of The Mystics
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 12 Mar 2010 07:53

Jamie Douglas has released his much anticipated second part to his unique Dizzy Legends game. this game is also an entry in this years DizzyAGE competition. 


- over 760 unique speech samples to bring Lord Dexter to life. 
- over 300 items for you to examine, pick up, drop, use, give, consume, or throw in the fire. 
- over 250 puzzles to spend your time solving, and turn your hair grey. 
- 3 massive levels to explore, each with their own unique setting and style. 
- 1 evil Lord, descending slowly into madness. 

All combined into the largest and most original DizzyAGE adventure so far 

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