Dizzy\'s 25th Anniversary Highlights
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 30 Jun 2011 16:55

Hi Folks! 

Through out all of June, we've been celebrating Dizzy's 25th Anniversary. Even though the celebrations were sadly not as wild as we hoped, we did recieve some nice gifts for all of Dizzy's fans.  


So, here are some links to downloadables we got from the Anniversary. 

- Dizzy Trivia - 25th Anniversary Edition - By far the best Dizzy Trivia quiz game ever released in the Dizzy Community's history. 

- The list of birthday gifts - Featuring various drawings of Dizzy and other characters by Blitz Games Studios, plus two m4a music downloads from the unreleased Sega MegaDrive version of Dizzy the Adventurer. 
The images can be viewed via a link on the site's Scrap Book page, and the music is also added onto the Game Audio page. 

- Drawn map of Wonderland Dizzy - Many Dizzy fans had waited a long time for the map to appear on Yolkfolk.com. You can now find the map in the Scrap Book page! 

- Dreamworld Pogie - NES source code - Any NES technical experts now have the chance to download the source code for a Pogie game which never got released. 

- Dizzy goes to Hollywood 2011 - This heavily revamped version of my very first Dizzy fangame was quietly thrown in, but was not announced on this site because of the common Games Factory bugs the game contained. But It's available to download if anybody is interested in checking it out (or helping me out, even!)

- Dizzy and Codies All-star picture - A astonishing pic made by yours truly, featuring almost every single Dizzy character, fan-made character and Codemasters character. I strongly recommend having a look and see if there's anybody you know!
The pic can also be found in the Anniversary link in the Scrap Book page. 

- Dizzy with the Oliver Twins - Well the reasoning behind this pic is mainly me showing off how Philip and Andrew Oliver would've looked in 8-bit form. 
Again, the pic can also be found in the Anniversary link in the Scrap Book page. 

We at Yolkfolk.com would like to thank all of Dizzy's fans, past and present for showing their support. Also a big thanks to Philip and Andrew Oliver for showing their support for the Dizzy Fansite. 

Here's to another 25 years of Dizzy! 

Oh and one more thing, don't forget that this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition ends tommorrow! 



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