Dizzy and Seymour - The Secret Family
Posted by | 19 Jul 2019 17:35

Vandalism in Keldor and family history play a part in the fourth instalment of "Dizzy and Seymour" with "The Secret Family".

If your familiar with the 'Dizzy Legends' games by Jamie Douglas, then the story on this game should be interesting to you.

Story dedicated to Jamie Douglas.

Dizzy and Seymour - The Secret Family 

Dizzy was going through his family history in Grand Dizzy's study.
After what happened on Spirit Island, he was especially keen to learn more about King Demetrius and Dexter, The Lord of Darkness.
As Dizzy walks out of the study, Seymour arrives and tells him that a trouble maker is making It's presence known in Keldor. 
What's more, he looked almost like Dizzy!
Curious as to what's going on in Keldor, Dizzy and Seymour once again leave the safety of the Yolkfolk treehouse village....

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