Dizzy Stories and Dizzy RPG
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 11 Oct 2009 15:37

Jamie Douglas, a very well known DizzyAGE user in the Community has launched his own Fansite. 


Jamie has said that the intention is to make it the place to go for anything to do with any of his games, such as maps, walkthroughs and updates on his upcoming games. 

Also, there is another Dizzy Fansite runned by Dean Paginton who has 2 RPG remakes of Treasure Island and Crystal Kingdom in progress using RPG Maker XP, containing screenshots and small updates on the games.  


Both websites have been added to the Links page. 


- Visit Dizzy Stories 
- Discuss Dizzy Stories on the Community Forums 
- Visit Dizzy RPG 
- Discuss Dizzy RPG on the Community Forums