DizzyAGE Competition Reminder + News
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 22 Feb 2008 11:50

Hi folks! Just so you all know:

4 DizzyAGE games are now in this years competiton, 2 of them are Rail Road Dizzy and the Dizzy TUCA Remake.
And the other 2 that are still in progress, Dizzy & the CrabApple by NigeC and Magic Star Dizzy by Jamie Douglas.

Remember, if you have a DizzyAGE game in progress and wish to enter it into the competition, now is the time! You still have until May 1st to enter your DizzyAGE game into the compo. :)

Plus, the rule for entering more than one game into the competition is still here, although you will only win with your best entry (not a prize for each of them).

Now, Speaking of Prizes, there is a big surprise for the top three winners of this year's competiton, so head over to the DizzyAGE competiton page, then click on the Prizes page to see what these prizes are! You guys will sure be surprised I can tell you right now. ;)

And good luck to everyone who is taking part in the Competition this year!



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