DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2010 update #2
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 24 Apr 2010 08:05

So far 10 out of 13 DizzyAGE games have been released for this year's compo. 


- Daisy goes solo (Steve Rennie)
- Daisy goes solo Pt. 2 (Steve Rennie)
- Dizzy and the Hauntled Isle (Rinpoche)
- Dizzy Legends Ch. 2 - The Curse of the Mystics (Jamie Douglas)
- Dizzy Oops! (Constantinescu Silviu Alexandru)
- Dragon Valley Dizzy (Matt Huckvale)
- Egyptian Tomb Dizzy (Jamie Douglas)
- Feverbound Dizzy (Matt Lee)
- Grogg Island Dizzy (Matt Huckvale)
- Heart Land Dizzy (Phillip L. Ward)
- Hide and Seek Dizzy (Andy Mason)
- Lost Temple Dizzy (Ben Wright)
- Swampland Dizzy (Matt Lee) 

As for prizes, sadly there isn't very many this year but here's what the prizes are.

- £50 from Steve Rennie (Grandad) in PayPal or check
- One downloadable copy of Machinarium, a wonderful adventure game, offered by its authors from Amanita Design


- £20 at PayPal from James Kay (DizzyFanUK)
- One game from the wonderful Blackwell series designed by Dave Gilbert. Visit Wadjet Eye Games for more details. 


- £10 from Peter Teal (Peter)
- A prize of £30 and one of £20 at PayPal from Mike Buckley (Mickyblueeyes)
- From Annie Quigg (quiggie), £25 and half a dozen eggs sent by post. 

Voting starts on the 1st May, and by then no more games will be accepted into this year's competition. 



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