Game Audio page updated
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 09 May 2009 13:45

Well, It's been needing one for a while. 
Game Sounds and Dizzy Ditties: 
+ Thanks to the ZXSpin emulator, all the Sound effects from the Spectrum version of Fantasy World have been added to It's sounds zip. (It's a long story, and should come in really useful if Peter Teal decides to update his DizzyAGE remake of Fantasy World in the future) 

+ The rest of the Commodore 64 Magicland Dizzy sounds have been added to It's sounds zip. 

+ A zip of all the Ditties from the Commodore Dizzy games have been added (I did this long ago, I don't know if I mentioned that already) 

+ A zip of ALL the voices used on many Dizzy games (mostly Spectrum) have been added. (Even the Excellent Dizzy Collection and Crystal Kingdom Amiga voices are in there) 

DizzyAGE users, if for any particular reason at all you feel like grabbing the sound effects (all wav) on your future projects, you're more than welcome to. 

Original game music: 
I've lost count with how many MIDI's and MOD's I added on there quite some time ago, but there's a brilliant MOD I found recently of a mixed tune of Magicland from the Commodore. You will need MODPlug Tracker to play the MOD file, and the file has to be saved to your PC to get it to play. 

A while ago, I was thinking I might put mp3's of the original game music on the site, the thought sprang to mind when Nitro asked for music from the Amstrad version of Dizzy TUCA, and we don't have any original Amstrad music listed on the site. 

So, if any of you want me to stick mp3's of original game music on the site at all, just shout out here. 

Remixed Dizzy music: 
I'm not sure I mentioned these either, but I've recently added the Bubble Dizzy mix by Kent Wallden and Magicland Dizzy by DJ Wossname. 

Anyway, head on over to the Game Audio page if you fancy a look (or a listen :P). 


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