Make your own Dizzy Game
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 20 Oct 2010 12:44

Jamie Douglas has created a special tutorial which should help new users make their own game on DizzyAGE. 


Here is what Jamie has said: 
This tutorial came about because I realised that although I'd made some Video Tutorials, people were still asking about fairly basic things in the community forums. I also realised that when coding is explained to people in the forums, they mostly understand. So I decided to make a small 'game' and talk people through the whole process of coding that game, starting from the beginning. 
I decided to use the Dizzy 3.5 map, as it is quite small, but big enough to fit enough puzzles in. However I did have to alter it slightly to accommodate a couple of the puzzles. I decided to talk the user through 10 puzzles, which cover the main different types of puzzles. This way, the user will learn how to code different things, and will hopefully gain a good understanding of how to code a range of puzzles. 
As well as puzzles, I've also shown the user how to implement Coins, Dangers, and how to code the ending too. There are also 3 optional sections which are slightly more advanced (but only slightly), which show the user how to change the HUD, how to implement an 'animated' intro screen, and how to implement waterplay - with an Aqualung and Bubbles. 
Hopefully people will find it easy to follow, although it will help a lot if they've watched the first 2 or 3 of my Video Tutorials first. That isn't essential, although this tutorial does assume some basic knowledge of the Map Editor. Ultimately, I hope most people manage to work their way through it, and I think they'll find that it's actually much easier than they imagine. 
One thing's for sure though, the only way people will be able to play this 'game' is to make it first! I hope they have fun doing so. 

- Download 'Make you own Dizzy Game' via DizzyAGE site 
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