No DizzyAGE Easter Competition this year
Posted by | 03 Apr 2018 12:10

Alex Simion, the creator of the DizzyAGE engine has confirmed on the Forums that this year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition will sadly not be going ahead.

Here is Alex's announcement:

Long time, no see. :)

Easter time is here, but sadly I won't officially organise the DizzyAGE Easter Competition 2018.
I definitely don't want you to think like "oh man, this is it, no point in making Dizzy games this year".
Dizzy games are strong thanks to dedicated developers and fans love them still.
So I encourage you to keep up the good work and the forums is a really great place to make games, to ask for feedback and find players.
DizzyAGE stays online and even if I don't have time to visit very often, I will keep it alive.
It should list automatically all the new games from the Yolkfolk database (thanks Peter for the tech).
Feel free to email me anytime if you want to talk about stuff, or if spot any problem with the website or with the DizzyAGE engine itself - thank god it proved solid for 10+ years.

A lot of things going on in my free time already and I have to focus on my new projects.
I'll be in London in May for Casual Connect with my Raiders of the Lost Island game.
If you attend the event, come by the Indie Prize area and say hi.
Best of luck and many many thanks to all the devs who keep DizzyAGE alive!


It's a shame to hear about the Competition, but we would all like to thank Alex for bringing us such a fantastic game engine.
Even though the activity in the Community scene isn't very high these days, we still recieve some fantastic fan games that many people have made with the DizzyAGE engine.

Whatever happens in the future, we will always continue to show our support for the DizzyAGE website and we look forward to seeing what other exciting adventures await us.

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