Panic Dizzy Remake + Fortnoks & Lens
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 16 Apr 2008 09:07

Howdy folks. Just a quick update to mention another Dizzy Remake, this time created by Ian "Retrocoder" Munro.

 There sure has been a lot of Remakes around lately, Give it a download and see what you think.
And in other news, For those of you who remember the Dizzy Zone era, there were detailed pages of unfinished and undownloadable Fangames. And there were also downloadable Fangames that are now rare and hard to find.
Well after finding an old Fangames page on yolkfolkserver, I came across 2 Fangames that I thought were gone, Fortnoks and Lens made by Joric!
Lastly, Volcano Island Dizzy by Colin Page, Magic Star Dizzy v2 and Diamond Mine Dizzy v2 by Jamie Douglas is on the way soon, keep checking the Forums.
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Download Panic Dizzy Remake
- Download Fortnoks
- Download Lens