Summer Blast + In the Dungeons Demo
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 18 Apr 2009 14:24

I have two updates with me today.
Firstly, some more DizzyAGE Competition news for you all, with the release of Summer Blast Dizzy by Colin Page


Zaks has placed 5 bombs around Zakeria, and It's up to not just Dizzy, but other members of the Yolkfolk too! 
Can you help the Yolkfolk find and defuse the bombs? Then give the game a download! 


Next up, David o'Flynn, who is best known for his Fangame "Dizzy's Greatest Adventure" has recently released a demo of his new upcoming game "Dizzy in the Dungeons" 


There isn't a storyline yet, but it looks like we'll be in for a tricky challenge when It'll be fully released later this year. 

- Download Summer Blast Dizzy 
- Download Dizzy in the Dungeons Demo 
- Discuss Summer Blast Dizzy on the Community Forums 
- Discuss Dizzy in the Dungeons on the Community Forums