The Evil Wizard Zaks (The Game)
Posted by Team Yolkfolk | 30 Apr 2012 16:52

Phillip Ward has released a new DizzyAGE game for this year's Easter Competition where you play as Zaks.


The Evil Wizard Zaks has been punished, and his magic amulet hid all his Magic stars across the land and to top it all off, the village has been surrounded by a force field.
Nobody fears Zaks any longer, in fact He's been making the effort to change his ways and become friends.
But Dizzy suspects Zaks is still up to no good. While the other yolkfolk are eager to visit the local fun fair, Dizzy decided to uncover Zaks evil plan of revenge.
Zaks has built a horrid monster that he will send to destroy the yolkfolk.
But first he must find a brain and then find away to bring it to life.

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