Yolkfolk News Round-up (Jan 2018)
Posted by | 27 Jan 2018 15:16

Happy late new year, folks.
Here is a round-up of what's happened so far and what's to come.

(Apologies in advance if I've missed anything out.)


Mensa Dizzy:

Well our deepest apologies to Steve Rennie for taking this long to make a news post about his latest DizzyAGE game which was released back in Xmas Eve.
The game is called Mensa Dizzy.


Daisy has become a member of MENSA.
Not to be outdone, Dizzy has decided to go to the land of Mensa in order to pass the tests and also become a member.
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Radiant Worlds acquired by Rebellion:

When Smilegate announced that they were stopping the development of SkySaga, many of us were left wondering about what will become of The Oliver Twins' company Radiant Worlds.
On the 8th January, it was announced that Radiant Worlds has been aquired by UK developer and publisher Rebellion.


This means that Radiant Worlds will become Rebellion Warwick with the Olivers leading the Rebellion Warwick Studio.

- Read the full statement on Rebellion's website
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'Fantastic Dizzy Superior' - Coming Soon:

Lukasz Kur has announced that he is currently working on a hack of "The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy" on the NES.
(Artwork by Pit)


The hack is said to contain many features like a save system, improvents to Dizzy's movement and new difficulty settings a name a few, there are more than that.


It is not known when the hack will be released, but Lukasz has said that he hope to have it ready by sometime in July this year.


The Oliver Twins exhibition opens at the Trowbridge Museum:

On the 20th January, the Trowbridge Museum in Wiltshire (UK) have given The Oliver Twins their own exhibition celebrating their work.




The Olivers themselves will be visiting the museum on Thursday 15th February.
The exhibition will remain part of the museum until Saturday 31st March this year.
- The Trowbridge Museum's website
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Dizzy and the Raven's Hex:

The first fan game of 2018 has been released by Eleanor Burns.


The new factory town of Morgenholt, located deep within ancient fay woodlands, has recently been troubled by a mysterious and baleful haunting.
Squire Whateley, leader of the town and owner of its factory, has sent for the most daring and resourceful hero in the kingdom to investigate and put an end to this menace.
Which is where a certain familiar ovoid steps into the scene.

Has boxing gloves, will travel…
If you have any difficulties installing this game, feel free to let us know either on the Forums or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.
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Lastly, something we mentioned a couple of months ago.
Don't forget that on the 10th and 11th February, the Olivers will be attending PLAY Expo Blackpool which is just a few weeks away now.


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That's all for now.
See you all soon. :v2_dizzy_cheers: