Yolkfolk Status Update and News Round-up (Dec 2019)
Posted by Adz.M | 20 Dec 2019 17:39

Hello world!
This will be our final news post for this year and this decade as 2020 is only a stone throw away now.
Firstly, let's start with this site:

Official Games Database:
Earlier this year, there was a major clean up to the Official Games pages, mostly to the "Cheats" sections.
This time, the "Notes" sections from each of the Official pages now have the major clean up treatment.
Again, this had been overlooked in the past with the pages previously providing very dated or unclear details.
Each page now has a lot of relevant and fully updated history and information on every game, many of which are my own words aswell as small bits and bobs taken from Wikipedia, the game tape inlays and even the "Let's Go Dizzy" book.
Apparently, many people online don't seem to be aware that "The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy", released on the NES in 1991 has that title in ALL countries.
The game was then re-released as "Fantastic Dizzy" for the Amiga, PC and the Sega consoles in 1993.
What's also changed are the "Release Dates" for most of the Official games.
Some of the pages previously showed the wrong dates, the more surprising being Prince of the Yolkfolk coming out 4 months before Spellbound!
Those release dates are now updated using the information provided in the Oliver Twins' games list seen in the "Let's Go Dizzy" book (PAGES 162 and 163). 
The reason for these important updates is like I said before. 
We are very committed to make sure all the information and content shown here on The Dizzy Fansite is as accurate and relevant as possible.
I just felt it was about time I put my 15 years worth of research and experience in the Dizzy Community to good use, I am very proud of the outcome.
Site's Search Engine:
I could've sworn I mentioned this before.
Since the recent updates made to the site this year, the built in Search Engine has been reset a dozen times to make sure the results display up-to-date pages and sections.
The Flash plugin on 3 Dizzy mini-sites:
We only just discovered a few months ago that Adobe Flash has been in decline for a few years now. 
The reason I've brought this up is because according to various sources, Flash will soon be permanently blocked on all Internet browsers by December 2020 with many other websites already moved to HTML5. 
As of now, the following Dizzy mini-sites "Wonderland Dizzy", "Dreamworld Pogie" and "Mystery World Dizzy" currently use the Flash plugin that allows users to play those games online. 
While I have no idea if there will be any plans to find an alternative plugin for those sites, we still like to let you all know that we ARE aware of what's happening with Flash in the near future.

And in other news......

Dizzy on the Atari Jaguar:
I think we mentioned this before on previous News Round-ups.
AtariAge have recently been re-releasing the Atari ST Dizzy games for the Atari Jaguar console.
Treasure Island in 2018 and Fantasy World earlier this year.


We now have confirmation from AtariAge on Twitter that releasing Magicland on the Jaguar is currently in the pipeline.
As soon as we hear any more about it, we will post it here. 

Progress on Wonderful Dizzy:
Like Fido from Fast Food, slow but sure. 
Infact, so is the progress on the Spectrum Next according to its Kickstarter page
As for Wonderful Dizzy, a majority of the game is completed but the coding and the graphical tweaks are still far from finished.
The last update on the game's progress was shared by team member Dmitri Ponomarjov on the "Spectrum Computing" forum back in October.
"Game plot was done first by Andrew and Philip Oliver, this was 100% complete a long time ago.
We have completed 99.9% of graphics (some small patches could be required here and there, but 100% of game plot graphics is covered). 
We have a loading screen and all plot intro slides thanks to MAC (Marco Antonio del Campo). 
Some locations had been done by Jarrod Bentley, some by me, some by Pheel (Alexander Filyanov) and some locations and items had been done by Oleg Origin.
What's missing yet is a main menu graphics, but this is a lower priority task, I'll do it closer to project completion.
We also have about 50% of music, thanks to MMCM (Sergey Kosov). 
Main game theme is ready, some secondary tunes are in progress (menu, final cut and so on).
The engine is ready from the CKD Remake, so this huge part is already done, working and stable.
95% of game rooms map is assembled by dr.bars (Evgeniy Barskiy), so only a pair of rooms are drawn but not yet assembled via game sprites.
About 75-80% of terrain physics is set up. This means that about 80% of game map can be travelled on foot already and some rooms are still only accessible in debug-fly-mode.
Currently Evgeniy is a bit busy with some real life tasks (moving to a new place, a lot of work), so the coding/assembling work progresses slowly.
We also have difficulties with squeezing all texts into the game, the amount of work done on plot by Andrew and Philip is fascinating, and we wouldn't like to cut anything. 
Almost no game logic has been programmed this far. 
It's hard to give any estimates for a game completion, it's mostly up to Evgeniy now, and he is currently struggling to find more spare time for the project, so it would progress quicker."
Sadly, it looks like we won't be seeing the game this year.
But we will still continue to support the team on the game's long journey. 
(Fingers crossed for next year!) 


Looking back at this decade:

No doubt about it that since 2011, Dizzy has had a remarkable journey.

-- 2011 --

-- We discovered that "The Excellent Dizzy Collection" was planned to be released on the Sega Mega Drive.
Two video clips were uploaded to our YouTube channel, one was "Panic Dizzy" and the other was "Dizzy the Adventurer" which showed to be unfinished.


Somehow, this may not be the last time the unreleased compilation get's mentioned. 
But we shall see.

-- The drawn map of "Wonderland Dizzy" was made public.

-- The prototype of "Dreamworld Pogie" for the NES was released, with special thanks to Lukasz Kur.


At the time, we weren't sure if the game was ever going to be finished.
More on that when we get to 2016....

-- 2011 ended with a big suprise from Codemasters.
An HD remake of "Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk" was released for iOS and Andriod mobile devices. 


Sadly, the game was recently removed from the app stores.
However, the DizzyAGE remake of this game by VK007 can still be played on your PC.

-- 2012 --
-- Dizzy celebrated his 25th Anniversary in June.

-- What at first sounded like exciting news, the Oliver Twins launched a Kickstarter campaign for "Dizzy Returns". 


The target was £350k in a short space of 30 days and on the run up to Xmas.
Sadly, with only concept art to show, the campaign failed to reach its target with only over £25k pledged.
Lessons were learned though, but the failure was certainly one of our darkest hours!

-- 2013 --

-- Things got worse for the Oliver Twins when they announced that Blitz Games Studios was closing down in September.


However, it wasn't the end.
Several days after Blitz closed its doors, the Olivers launched Radiant Worlds.

-- 2014 --

-- Fellow Dizzy site, "The Dizzy Zone" was revived. 


Whatever is happening in the world, we're always delighted to know that some our old friends from the Dizzy Community scene are still around and keeping the spirit alive.

-- 2015 --

-- Dizzy Community history was made!
Team Yolkfolk met in person for the first time back in October.


[From left to right; Philip Oliver, Peter Teal, Lukasz Kur, Andrew Joseph, Adam Markey and Andrew Oliver]
The venue was at "The Centre of Computing History" in Cambridge where two big announcements were made....

-- The Olivers teamed up with Chris Wilkins from Fusion Retro Books to launch a Kickstarter campaign for "Let's Go Dizzy - The Story of The Oliver Twins". 


-- The second announcement was about one of the unreleased games, "Wonderland Dizzy".
After some digging around in Philip's loft for the game's source and some programming and hosting help from Lukasz and Andrew J. respectively, Wonderland Dizzy was fully released for the NES.



-- 2016 --

-- DizzyAGE celebrated its 10th Anniversary in March.


Even though the annual Easter Competition is no longer running, we still like to encourage people to have a go with making games on the DizzyAGE engine.
The engine's site is full of guides and tutorials that can help people who don't have experience in programming.

-- In December, the "Let's Go Dizzy" book was released and available to purchase on Fusion Retro Books' website.


The book talks about the Olivers' early life, their time with Codemasters and what happened afterwards. 
It is a fantastic read!

-- "Dreamworld Pogie" was finally completed and released for the NES.



-- 2017 --

-- Dizzy celebrated his 30th Anniversary.


-- The Dizzy Fansite was rebuilt after a series of issues with the site's previous host.

-- Another unreleased NES game saw the light of day, a Dizzy game none of us ever knew existed!
That game of course was "Mystery World Dizzy".

Mystery World Dizzy 


-- Wonderful Dizzy was first announced by the Olivers.


This is the first Dizzy game to be designed by the Oliver Twins since....goodness knows how long!
The game is being developed by the same team behind the fantastic Spectrum remake of "Crystal Kingdom Dizzy" which was also released earlier that year. 
At the time of writing this article, the game is still currently in development.

-- In July, we recieved some sad news that Rindex, a Russian Dizzy fan and Spectrum graphics artist passed away.


-- More sad news from the Olivers as Smilegate decided to pull the development of SkySaga, leaving Radiant Worlds in some serious uncertainty.
-- 2018 --

-- Radiant Worlds was sold to Rebellion, which was rebranded as Rebellion Warwick.
The Olivers stayed at Rebellion Warwick to support their employees. 

-- The Dizzy Scripting Engine (DizzySE) launched for the PC.


The engine is similar to DizzyAGE, except its specially for people who wish to make their own Dizzy games for the Spectrum TR-DOS.
A few games have already been made using the engine, it is worth checking out. 

-- 2019 --

-- The Oliver Twins left Rebellion to launch their new company, Game Dragons.


Using over 35 years of experience in the games industry, the Olivers set up Game Dragons to help new gaming companies move forward.

-- A prototype of "Fantastic Dizzy" was discovered for the Mega Drive. 



-- One of the longest running Dizzy sites "Swiat Dizzy" sadly shut down in May.


There was no explanation for the site's closure, but its most likely related to funding to keep the site online.

-- "Panic Dizzy" (the console version) was released for the NES.



Of course, many of us were greeted to some fascinating Fan Games aswell.
I can't name all of you in case I miss anyone accidently, but you know who you are!
It really has been an absolute joy being part of the Dizzy scene these last 15 years, and I certainly hope to continue contributing to this site as we approach 2020.
So what can we expect in the next decade?
Only time will tell!
We hope that everyone has a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy New Year and hopefully a Happy New Decade.
See you on the other side! 
_ _
Team Yolkfolk