Yolkfolk Status Update - March 2020
Posted by Adz.M | 29 Mar 2020 15:06

Hello everyone.
In this long period of unsettling and uncertain times ahead, we want to let all Dizzy fans and long-time Community members know that we will still be here for you, whatever happens.

Many of you will have noticed on our Facebook and Twitter pages, we have been asking you all to share your memories with the original Dizzy games, aswell as recommending a random choice of fan games from our database.
If many of you would like us to share any more Dizzy related content, games or memories there, we will continue to do so.

For those who are self-isolating and are interested in making a Dizzy adventure of your own, there is the DizzyAGE website, home of the game engine which also comes with guides and helpful tutorials.
There is a huge list of games on the site too if you are looking for any inspirations.
:egg: DizzyAGE website

There is also the Dizzy Scripting Engine, which is similar to DizzyAGE except it allows you to make games on actual Spectrum TR-DOS hardware.
:egg: Dizzy Scripting Engine

And of course, there is this very website which continues to be the hud for all things Dizzy.

:v2_dizzy_smile: :v2_dizzy_smile: :v2_dizzy_smile: :v2_dizzy_smile:

On that note, some more updates and clean-ups have been made to the site:

Old fan game - Dizzy: The Next Generation:
Remember this one?

Dizzy - The Next Generation 

This was made by Bubblefox back in 2006 and is known as one of the unbeatable fan games on our database.

Well it turns out that after all these years, we've been hosting the wrong build of this game.
A few months ago, I stumbled across a different version of this game online known as v1.2.
The one we were hosting previously was an early beta version which was unfinished.

Well we now have v1.2 hosted on this site which has an extra location and items that allows you to progress much further into the game.
However, we fear this version may be unbeatable aswell as there's a crucial exit which doesn't appear to work.
What's more, there is an unreachable diamond in Forest Central and 3 powerful bomb items that doesn't seem to work anywhere.

It's such a real shame that Bubblefox isn't online anymore, we would certainly like to keep in touch with him.
You can take a look at the game here.

Download game

Fan Games database:
Some brand new game maps and other bits have been added to the cheats sections of the following games:
- Dizzy's Normal Day
- Dizzy in Wonderland
- Dizzy - The Secret Land
- Christmas Chaos Dizzy
- Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (DizzyAGE Remake)
- Dizzy & Seymour - The Dark Wizard
- Dizzy & Seymour - Kingdom Gems
- Dizzy & Seymour - Spirit Island

Some other fan game pages have been tidied up, including fresh screenshots.
There are plans to tidy up the other pages too, just don't ask when!

Official Games database:
Another clean up has been done to some of the pages, more especially the 'Notes' sections, fixing typos and minor grammar errors.

Some of the game maps on the Crystal Kingdom page have been updated too.
- The C64 maps have been redone from scratch.
- The Amiga maps are also redone and now include the indoor screens.
All those updated maps have the updated site label.

The Fanart page:
Having a recent look around the Internet Archive, I have found the time to include a mix of old and new Dizzy artwork to our Fanart page, including some from the now defunct Swiat Dizzy site.

-- Old Fanart:
Dark Eyedol
Melanie Hoyle
Paul Baker
Tomek Paya
Tommy Pereira

-- New Fanart:
Ben Haith-Bedford
Colin Merrick
Dave Bulmer
Lee Millar
Mark Standbrook

We are of course still missing a number of images from mostly Melanie, Tommy and Ryan Medlock that we need help finding.

If you wish to see your Dizzy artwork on our site, please feel free to get in touch with us.
- Fanart page

Other pages:
The following pages on this site have now been given a new 'gallery' layout.

- Game Posters
With special thanks to Simon Sorlie-Pring and Melanie Hoyle, we now have some extra posters on display.
Including the extremely rare Fast Food, Fantasy World and Magicland posters!
The more recent posters for Dreamworld Pogie, Mystery World Dizzy and Panic! Dizzy have also been included

- Adverts
A couple more magazine adverts have been added too.

- Magazine Covers
One from Amstrad Action and Sinclair User have been added.

- Magazine Articles
Tons more magazine articles have been added, enough to now split that page into two!
A majority of which are from Amiga, Amstrad, C64, Sega and Spectrum magazines.
We hope to include more article scans somewhere down the line.

- Magazine Game Maps
Again, loads more added and are planning to add even more down the line.

- Dizzy Returns concept art
The information has been tided up.
Also, we have now included the 18-page concept booklet by the Oliver Twins to the page.

That's about it with the updates for now.
We will try and do whatever we can to keep you all occupied during this difficult time.
If you wish to make any contributions for the site like games, artwork, music etc., feel free to contact us.

Any donations to the site are welcome too.
:egg: Donate via PayPal

Lastly, to the people who do live streams on either YouTube or Twitch.
If you are planning to any Dizzy related live streams in the coming weeks, do let us know so we can share them on social media.

Remember, stay home and stay safe.
We'll always be here for you.
_ _
Team Yolkfolk