Original Apparel

Dizzy was such a massive superstar in the gaming world that Codemasters decided that official merchandising was the way to go. 
These items are no longer on sale, but here is an indepth look at what was on sale back in the day.... 


Sports Bag:

100% woven nylon sports rollbag. 8.5" diameter, 16" long.
Available in red, blue, green or yellow. 
£7.99 each. 



White 10oz China Mug with lots of Dizzy characters! 
Microwave and dishwasher resistant. 
£3.88 each. 


High quality Round Wall Clock (23cm diameter) Black plastic rim with plastic glass. 
Supplied with 1.5v battery. 
£12.99 each. 


Stitched rigid peaked sports caps with white fronts. 
Available in blue, black, red or white. 
£3.99 each. 


£3.99 (28") 5-6 yrs 
£3.99 (29") 7-8 yrs 
£3.99 (32") 9-11 yrs 
£4.99 (40") large yrs 
£4.99 (42") x-large yr 


Other Merchandise

Dizzy Bookmark: 


Dizzy Window Sticker:

Fantastic Dizzy and Cosmic Spacehead Stickers:


The Fantastic Adventures Of Dizzy Badge:

Crystal Kingdom Dizzy Stickers:

Prince of the Yolkfolk Remake Merchandise

Following the 2011 release of the 'Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk' remake on iOS/Android. 
A new range of official merchandise was made available as prizes via online competitions.
The items are no longer available or are in limited supply. 

Dizzy T-Shirt:
100% cotton.
Available in sizes S-XL. 


Dizzy Badges:
Four pin badges 1" diameter.
Featuring the new HD Dizzy.