Character Mini-bios from the Collector's Cards


Dizzy's Europe's favourite computer game star - he's been in over 11 different games and he still has many more to come!
These days, Dizzy is joined by his chums called the Yolkfolk (hurrah!) but their antics usually end up causing no end of trouble for Dizzy, especially when wizard Zaks (boo!) is involved!  


She's the hostess with the mostess - the bounciest and cheerful of the lot!
Daisy is Dizzy's girlfriend and always cheering him on.
The only problem with Daisy is that she's always getting captured, as evil Wizard Zaks uses her to bait his trap to hopefully snare Dizzy! 


Yo dudes! It's the most happenin', wicked, pukka Yolkfolk character around!
Denzil can't live without his shades and his baseball cap - he's just too cool!
What's more, he always has his Walkman playing, listening to funky tapes, which makes life a bit difficult for Dizzy when he's trying to call Denzil to help him out! 


Poor Dora - she doesn't like frogs, isn't too keen on the dark and when she's out on one of Dizzy's great adventures, she's more interested in finding a nice place for a picnic rather than furthering the quest!
Dora's one of the youngest Yolkfolk but when she grows up her ambition is to own a sweet shop. A big sweet shop.


Energy isn't a word Dozy has in his dictionary.
He's the sleepiest one of the Yolkfolk and likes nothing better than a good 40 winks outside in the warm air. Or anywhere at all, come to that.
Dozy isn't much help when Dizzy goes adventuring as the second everyone stops moving, Dozy's eyelids droop, he gives a big yawn and drops off into a dreamy sleep.


Flower power! Yeah, man, Dylan's just this guy, y'know, man.
He adores the sun, the grass, the plants, the trees! Hey! That's nature - it's y'know, just beautiful, man.
Yes, Dylan's a bit of a hippy and it's always a bit of a problem getting Dylan to be of help in an adventure - he's too busy running through fields of buttercups crooning poetry and love songs! 

Grand Dizzy 

Grand Dizzy is the oldest and most knowledgeable of Dizzy's friends, the Yolkfolk.
From his treehouse, Grand Dizzy speaks words of wisdom and leads the Yolkfolk.
Though he may look old and carries a walking stick he has a secret - he can still perform the Yolkfolk's famous somersault like the rest of them! 


Pogie is a Fluffle, one of the cutest creatures which live in Dizzy's come land.
Pogie is Dizzy's pet and has his own kennel by Dizzy's treehouse.
No one's quite sure what he keeps in his kennel but he's always running in and out carrying treasure and goodies of all kinds.
Pogie has a mischievous character and whenever there's trouble you can be sure Pogie isn't too far behind! 

Evil Wizard Zaks 

The most evil of Dizzy's foes - Wizard Zaks reigns havoc and horror from his mysterious fortress in the sky: Castle Keldor.
Zaks has a band of devilish followers who are under the spell of his black magic!
Between them they lay traps for Dizzy's friends, the Yolkfolk, and hold them captive at Keldor knowing Dizzy will follow, Zaks always hopes that with Dizzy in his fortress he can wipe out our hero forever! 

Good Wizard Theodore 

After Zaks had cast his evil spell across Dizzy's home land. Theo arrived to help.
Theo has bubbling potions, brilliant spell books and heaps of magic (and very smelly) ingredients with which he performs his spellbinding magic! T
heodore has attempted training Dizzy in a little magic (but Dizzy only seems to create explosions rather than magic spells!). 

Blackheart the Pirate 

Avast there, me hearties! Blackheart the Pirate is the meanest Captain to sail the seas.
"Ruthless, mean and nasty" is how his friends describe him. And underneath that cold brutal exterior beats a heart (which is also cold and brutal).
His ship flies the skull and cross-bones flag - but Blackheart would love those skull and cross-bones to be Dizzy's. 

Palace guard 

Inside the Palace lie many treasures the Yolkfolk are keen on "borrowing" from time to time.
But with the Palace guard at the drawbridge, chances of getting in are slight.
Thankfully, the Palace guard is open to negotiations and a couple of bags of gold coins usually results in him issuing a complimentary entry ticket!
Bribery and corruption - Isn't it useful?! 

Prince Clumsy 

He's the most useless heir the the throne but tries so hard to get things right, no one really hates him.
When Clumsy gets the throne of the Kingdom, he'll make sure no two objects are placed within 10 metres of each other (so he can avoid bumping into things).
He is also going to outlaw bananas - he's always tripping on the skins and is fed up with having his royal bottom fall to the floor! 

Rockwart the Troll 

Rockwart's the strongest of the troll tribe.
The trolls used to be really good friends with Dizzy and the Yolkfolk.
Now Zaks has cast his black spell over the land, the trolls are under his power and form his army. With Rockwart leading them, they can cause real damage!
The only thing the trolls are scared of is Fluffles, especially Pogie! 

Shamus the Leprechaun 

He's kissed the Blarney stone, found more four-leaf clovers than anyone else and certainly has the gift the the gab.
Always helpful, Shamus is good at providing clues to help Dizzy in his adventures.
But, being a Leprechaun, he's a little tricky and before helping Dizzy, he always wants something in return - which is usually really difficult to get! 

The Shopkeeper 

Most shops have the sign "Open, please come in".
The local shopkeeper's sign however, says "Come in as long as you've got plenty of money and don't mind getting ripped off".
Yes, this man drives a hard bargin and rules his shop ruthlessly.
But he hates Pogie - the little scamp is always nipping in and nibbling at his condiments! 

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