Dizzy Memorabilia

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The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy leaflet


Dizzy's Guide to Video Game Safety


Dizzy Royal Mail Stamp


In January 2020, Royal Mail unveiled a Limited Edition Video Game Stamp Set.
Dizzy was one of the eight British-made retro games that got this form of recognition.

Blitz Games Studios' 20 years Mug 

Shared by Andrew Joseph 


Codemasters Cartoon Club 

Shared by Marcus Bowen 


Marcus joined the Cartoon Time club by sending 15 barcodes cut off from tape inlays and sending them to Codemasters' Lower Farm House address to join. 
He got a free game from joining which was Pub Trivia Simulator. 

The woman who ran the club was Claire Lucas, who appears in the Dizzy Whizzkids advert.

Marcus recieved the Cartoon Club certificate back in 1993, the same year the club closed down. 

The first to beat Treasure Island Dizzy 

Shared by Nicolas Blaza 


Fantastic Dizzy Chocolate Coin

Shared by Paul Griffiths

It's likely that the chocolate is now inedible!