The Yolkfolk


DizzyDizzy started off life as just another member of the Yolkfolk, but once he made friends with the good wizard Theodore, his life began to change dramatically. 
All his life Dizzy had lived in the treehouse village in the Enchanted Forest near the town of Keldor. 
Dizzy often helped his friends dig in the diamond mines.
When they had enough diamonds, they would trade with the people of Keldor, mostly trolls who worked for the kindly King Rockwart. 

However, when the evil wizard Zaks arrived in his castle perched upon a huge cloud high above Keldor, he brainwashed Rockwart and the rest of the trolls who began to work for him. 
Zaks bore a grudge against Theodore and began by doing little annoying things like making it rain every Sunday during the Yolkfolk cricket match, but went on to do really horrid things like blasting people with magic firestars until their eyes burned out! 
Dizzy made it his ambition to get rid of Zaks, and he thought he had until Zaks returned.
Since then he's been catapulted through a series of weird adventures, on a desert island, in a Fantasy World, in Magicland, in the Underworld beneath the Forest, lost near a castle in the Forest itself and all around the Kingdom of Zakeria. 
Dizzy is now Zaks' bitter enemy and will stop at nothing to rid the world of his influence. 


DaisyHead cheerleader and Dizzy's girlfriend. 
For the latter reason, Zaks prefers her as a target for his wrath as Dizzy always tries to rescue her, often leading himself right into Zaks' hands. 
So far Dizzy has been lucky enough to evade capture - or worse - by doing away with Zaks some way or other. 
Daisy always tries to see the good side to every situation - and every person. 
She still insists that somewhere deep-down inside Zaks is a Theodore trying to get out. She wants to try and coax it out, which is why Zaks has little problem capturing her. 


DoraDizzy's younger sister likes nothing more than baking cakes ready for the monthly meeting, then throwing surprise picnics and accidentally letting everyone finish them ahead of time. 
This means Dora is almost always baking and having picnics. 
Dora wants to own a big sweet shop when she grows up. 
She hates frogs, having been one at least twice, and she's afraid of the dark.  


DylanDylan has a philosophy which he bases his life upon. 
When the going gets tough, go into a trance. 
Dylan believes that all living things should live in peaceful harmony, existing in a single perception of reality. 
Unfortunately for him, his vision cannot be fulfilled without a substantial amount of illegal substances, but this doesn't bother Dylan.
I don't mean he owns or has ever touched such substances, quite the opposite! 
In fact, Dylan is able to go into such a trance just by simply not doing anything else. He claims anyone can do it, but so far he's the only one. 
When in such trances, Dylan sees everything as if through water and in a dream all at the same time.
It's so very relaxing.
Then, when he wakes up, Dylan enjoys the rush of seeing everything that happened to him while he was unconscious zoom past him at the speed of perception.


DenzilThere is no point in trying to communicate with Denzil. 
He never listens to anyone as he believes that showing any signs of intelligence would be bad for his image. 

In fact he thinks anything would be bad for his image, and for this reason he hardly ever wears his black leather jacket which he treasures so much, in case it gets stained or something. 
The other reason why it's very difficult to open conversation with Denzil is that he usually just turns his stereo up and ignores you. 
Nobody can quite figure out what Denzil is listening to, but it seems wherever Dizzy goes he can hear the latest track, he plays it so loud.
Denzil tries never to part with the stereo, but he has let Dizzy borrow it on occasion, but never for more than half a day at the most. 

Nope, to Denzil, his cool image is all that really matters, and if that means being incased in a block of ice, then so be it!

Grand Dizzy

Grand DizzyOne of the village elders.
Like the other elders, Grand Dizzy is too old and senile to think straight and Dizzy seems to always end up holding the meetings. 

In his day, Grand Dizzy was the somersaulting heroic one. 
He was the first to encounter Zaks' forces.
When a troll struck him down, cracking his shell, Grand Dizzy decreed that all those close to him should wear boxing gloves as protection from the trolls. 

He went to confront their king and ask what was going on, but when he realised Zaks had brainwashed Rockwart too, he somersaulted to safety and ran home. 
Zaks doesn't bother with Grand Dizzy much anymore, as he's not much of a threat, but he still uses him as bait to draw Dizzy in.


Grand DizzyIf you were to say anything to Dozy, the typical response you'd get would be "ZZZZ". 
Dozy prides himself upon not being able to stay still for more than 2.1862 seconds without falling asleep. 
For that reason, he isn't always the perfect guest at one of Dora's picnics, he snores 24/7.
Sometimes even when he's awake!

It is unknown what Dozy dreams about, since he has very little experience with actual life. 
Some speculate that he dreams about dreaming.
This opens a whole new world of possibilities. 

For instance, does he dream about dreaming about dreaming?
Is it a neverending string of dreams, or is there one that is about something other than dreaming itself? 

Anyway. You figure it out, we can't.  


Dizzy's cousin first arrived in the treehouse village shortly before the Magicland incident. 
Up until then he lived in another Katmandu Yolkfolk settlement just outside what is now Zakeria. 
Danny's parents were captured by Zaks' trolls, so Danny came to live with his cousin Dizzy. 

Danny is a bit younger than Dora and likes nothing more than just playing all day, usually with Dora or his Moonboots which actually reduce gravity and allow him to fly. 
However, he's not very heavy and not too good at the Moonboots' controls either, so he often sets them too high and goes flying uncontrollably through the air. 
This has got him into and equally out of trouble in the past. 

Theodore the Good Wizard

Theodore has always been an enemy of Zaks, seemingly since an incident that happened years ago. 
Whatever it was it emotionally scarred Theo, who refuses to talk about it.  

Whatever happened, it led to Zaks becoming the evil tyrant he is now. 
(Dan Saunders has given us clues that the incident may have had a connection with the creation of Yolkfolk civilisation itself.)
What we do know is that it was at that point that Theodore first met Pogie, his familiar. 
As wizards go, Theodore isn't all that good at magic.
He can only do one spell without using his wand, but fortunately this happens to be the spell to make his wand appear. 

Theodore has always been a good friend to Yolkfolk in general, Grand Dizzy especially. But Theodore vanished before Dizzy was old enough to remember him. 

He actually went for a walk one day and fell down a giant shaft which led into the centre of the earth.
Once down there he was utterly trapped without even Pogie to keep him company. 

He concentrated all his power on sending out a sort of magical force shooting up the shaft, It's glimmering particles blown by a strong magical wind, which would see to it that Zaks was made AWOL soon.
It took longer than he thought, but Dizzy finally managed to do away with Zaks years later. 
Theodore came out when he found out that Zaks was gone and that Dizzy had found his spellbook and messed up big-time. 
Since then he and Dizzy have been best of friends.

Pogie the Fluffle

This purple teddy-bear/mouse creature thing is Theodore's familiar.
They've known each other all Pogie's life. 
However, when Theodore got trapped down the windy shaft, Pogie needed to find someone else to latch onto as a master, so he hung around Daisy a lot. 
So now he has what he sees as a mother as well as a father. 
Pogie likes nothing more than berries, especially fluffberries. 
He likes to work as a lookout, protecting the entrance to the village from prying trollish eyes, and if he were ever to see a troll nearing the village, he knows the exact spot on a troll's ankle which hurts the most. 
If MANY trolls arrived however, he wouldn't be much of a help. 
Everyone but Pogie realises this, but they let him guard the village just to humour him.

Prince Clumsy

He used to be Prince of Keldor until Zaks arrived. 
Now he's hiding out in the treehouse village, providing the Yolkfolk with important and useful information about Keldor. 
He would be a vital asset in the fight against Zaks, but he tends to be very forgetful at times and often falls out of the trees. 

Shamus the Leprechaun

He's kissed the Blarney Stone, found more four-leaf clovers than anyone else and certainly has the gift of the gab. 
No-one knows where Shamus lives, but he isn't very good at staying hidden. Dizzy has found him two or three times already. 
Shamus always has a piece of helpful advice in the form of a riddle, but he usually wants something else in return.

The Shopkeeper

Nobody knows where this man came from, what he's doing here or what he wants, but it seems that if something is to be sold, this is the man who is selling it. 
His real name, Wilbur, drives a hard bargain and doesn't always accept money like anyone else. 
Instead he goes for exotic treasures, magic stars and things you didn't think even existed. 
But whatever it is he's selling, it usually turns out to be more important than anything else you could name.