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Fan Videos 

agrest272 - Fantastic Dizzy (Sega MegaDrive) Remix 
All Dizzy Adventure Game Music (Amstrad)
All Dizzy Spinoff Game Music (Amstrad)
Auriplane - Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Amiga) Rock Cover
brasseye84 - Magicland Dizzy (Amiga) Remix
Crudo - Magicland Dizzy (Amiga) Remix
Dizzy and the Other Side (Russian)
Dizzy memories Audio Log 
Dizzy the Adventurer (NES) Speed run
Dizzy Tribute (Russian)
Dizzy vs. Rotoscope - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Amiga) Remix
DJ Hake - Fantastic Dizzy (NES) Remix
Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Mega Drive) The Prince's Secret Sign
Fantasy World Dizzy (Amiga) Glitch
Khaosadz - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (C64) Remix
Khaosadz - Dizzy down the Rapids (Spectrum) Remix
Khaosadz - Dizzy Spectrum Megamix
Khaosadz - Fast Food - The Mall (Amiga) Remix
Khaosadz - Kwik Snax - Cuckoo Land (Spectrum) Remix
Khaosadz - Kwik Snax - Zaks' Castle (Spectrum) Remix
Khaosadz - Magicland Dizzy - Ingame (C64) Remix
Khaosadz - Magicland Dizzy - Victory (C64) Remix
Khaosadz - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Spectrum) Remix
Khaosadz - Spellbound Dizzy (Amiga) Remix
Khaosadz - Treasure Island Dizzy (Amiga) Remix
Kwik Snax (Spectrum) The Dizzy Mob! 
Little Big Planet 2 - Dizzy: Prince of the Sack(Yolk)folk - Level Creator
Magicland Dizzy (Amiga) Guitar Cover
Mayhem - Dizzy, Codemaster
MrMrmarlin - The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES) Remix
RainCoatCult - Treasure Island Dizzy (C64) Remix 
Spellbound Dizzy (Amiga) Dizzy takes a ride!
tenChux - Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Spectrum) Remix
Treasure Island Dizzy (NES) Secret Warps 
Zarkh - Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Mega Drive) Remix

Interviews and Presentations

1HMPS Retro Podcast #12 - Interview with the Oliver Twins
Amigos Podcast #64 - A Chat with the Oliver Twins
Dizzying Heights - Oliver Twins presentation (2015)
Dizzy Day at The National Videogame Arcade (2017) PART 1
Dizzy Day at The National Videogame Arcade (2017) PART 2
Dizzy Day at The National Videogame Arcade (2017) The Exhibit
Gameheadz Documentry: The Oliver Twins' Video game history
Go 8-bit: Kwik Snax segment
Go 8-bit DLC: Wonderland Dizzy segment
Needs No Introduction: Antstream Presents The Oliver Twins
Novabug - Retro Special - An interview with the Oliver Twins (2015)
Oliver Twins Interview with Funstock (2015)
Oliver Twins on The Saturday Show (1983)
Oliver Twins on HTV News (1984)
PLAY Expo Blackpool (2018)
PLAY Expo London (2018)
PLAY Expo Manchester (2015) - PART 1
PLAY Expo Manchester (2015) - PART 2
Retro Tea Break with The Oliver Twins - PART 1 - Philip
Retro Tea Break with The Oliver Twins - PART 2 - Andrew
Revival 2019: Creating Dizzy with The Oliver Twins
Snippet of the Oliver Twins on Roustabout (1988)
When Games Attack: Dizzy 


Cancelled Dizzy 3D game (2004) 
Dusty Warehouse (2011)
Let's Play Dizzy TUCA with the Oliver Twins (2015)
Let's Play Fast Food with the Oliver Twins (2015) 
Let's Play Treasure Island Dizzy with the Oliver Twins (2015)
Prince of the Yolkfolk HD Preview
Prince of the Yolkfolk HD Trailer
The Dizzy Compilation
The Oliver Twins at the Centre of Computing History - Let's Go Dizzy (2015)
The Oliver Twins at the Centre of Computing History - Wonderland Dizzy (2015)
We Love Dizzy - Now and Then (2011)
Wonderful Dizzy Announcement (2017)


8-bit wars: Kwik Snax
AMIGArama podcast #74 - Fantasy World Dizzy
AMIGArama podcast #92 - Fast Food Dizzy
Angry Video Game Nerd #167 - Aladdin Deck Enhancer
Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Amstrad)
Dizzy arcade games (Amstrad)
Dizzy Egg Review - Feat. Octavius Kitten | Odd Pod
Dizzy the Egg - Steve from Go 8-bit
DOS Nostalgia: Fantastic Dizzy
Get to da Choppa: Dizzy TUCA (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Dizzy 3 and a Half (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Mega Drive)
Get to da Choppa: Fantasy World Dizzy (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Fast Food (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Magicland Dizzy (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Spellbound Dizzy (Spectrum)
Get to da Choppa: Treasure Island Dizzy (Spectrum)
Inept Reviews - Dizzy: The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure (Spectrum)
Inept Reviews - Fantasy World Dizzy (Spectrum)
T.E.A.R.S. Ep. 8 - Dizzy Special 
Treasure Island Dizzy (Amiga)
Winter Nightmare Dizzy (DizzyAGE)

Walkthroughs and Longplays 

Bubble Dizzy (Amiga) 
Bubble Dizzy (Amstrad)
Bubble Dizzy (Spectrum)
Christmas Dizzy (Amiga Demo)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Amiga)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Amstrad)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Atari ST)
Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4 - Pt. 5 - Pt. 6 - Pt. 7 - Pt. 8 - 
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (C64) 
Pt. 1 - Pt. 2 - Pt. 3 - Pt. 4 - 
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (Spectrum)
Crystal Kingdom Dizzy 2017 Remake (Spectrum)
Dizzy and the Mystical Letter (Spectrum)
Dizzy Down the Rapids (Spectrum)
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Amiga)
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk (C64)
Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk (Spectrum)
Dizzy the Adventurer (NES)
Dizzy the Adventurer / Go! Dizzy Go! / Panic Dizzy (Sega Master System)
Dizzy TUCA (Amstrad)
Dizzy TUCA (Spectrum)
Dizzy TUCA (Spectrum Crash Special Edition) 
Dreamworld Pogie (NES)
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (Red) (NES)
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (Blue) (NES)
Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy (NES) The Mine cart ride
Fantastic Dizzy (Amiga)
Fantastic Dizzy (PC DOS)
Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Master System)
Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Mega Drive)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Amiga)
Fantasy World Dizzy (C64)
Fantasy World Dizzy (Spectrum) 
Fast Food and Easter Eggstravaganza (Amiga)
Fast Food (Amstrad)
Fast Food (C64)
Fast Food (Spectrum)
Go! Dizzy Go! (NES) 
Kwik Snax (Amiga) 
Kwik Snax (Amstrad)
Kwik Snax (Spectrum)
Magicland Dizzy (Amiga)
Magicland Dizzy (C64)
Magicland Dizzy (Spectrum)
Mystery World Dizzy (NES)
Panic Dizzy (Amiga)
Panic Dizzy (Amstrad)
Panic Dizzy (Spectrum)
Spellbound Dizzy (Amiga)
Spellbound Dizzy Lite (C64)
Spellbound Dizzy (Spectrum) 
Treasure Island Dizzy (Amiga)
Treasure Island Dizzy (C64)
Treasure Island Dizzy (Spectrum)
Treasure Island Dizzy (Spectrum Crash Special Edition) 
Wonderland Dizzy (NES)'s Videos 

Dizzy the Adventurer: Unreleased Sega Mega Drive footage
How to play DizzyAGE games on a MAC OS X
Live Stream - Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (2017 Spectrum Remake) (Apr 2017)
Live Stream - Dreamworld Pogie (Feb 2017)
Live Stream - Fast Food (Feb 2016)
Live Stream - Fast Food (Jun 2018)
Panic Dizzy: Unreleased Sega Mega Drive footage
Our day out at the Centre of Computing History (2015)
Spellbound Dizzy Lite (DizzyAGE) gameplay