Zaks' Army


The evil wizard Zaks has been the sworn enemy of Theodore's magic for years. 
When Theodore sent a magic force to get rid of Zaks, he used Dizzy to do it and he did a good job.
However, as soon as Theodore returned from the windy shaft, Zaks returned, now determined to eliminate Dizzy and all those close to him as well as Theodore. 
Zaks dresses in dark purple robes and is a very powerful wizard. 
His favourite spell being the magic firestars he can shoot from his hand which can burn through anything. 
He carries around a wooden staff with a small skull on the top of it. 


Rockwart the troll was once king of Keldor and it's surrounding land. 
It wasn't much of a kingdom, but being king of it was rewarding as Keldor made it's main profit from diamond trading. 
The Yolkfolk who lived just outside the troll city mined the diamonds from the mines their settlement was built on and traded them with the trolls in exchange for the magic stars which grew somehow underneath the town and burst out of geysers weekly. 
However, when Zaks' Cloud Castle appeared over Keldor, the evil wizard's first move was to cast a spell over King Rockwart, taking over his mind. 
Now that Zaks has taken over the kingdom (now called Zakeria), Rockwart serves Zaks as his slave and bodyguard and subsequently the rest of Keldor's troll population do also. 
Rockwart wears silver armour on his chest, he often carries a club in one hand and whatever he can find to throw in the other. 
He wears a metal helmet on his head. 
He thinks he's "well 'ard," but actualy he does have his weaknesses. For instance, he is terrified of Fluffles.


When Dizzy's friends were trapped in Magicland, Dizzy came across a magic mirror in Zaks' Ice Palace. 
He could see his reflection looking back at him, but the scene behind it was different to the room he was in.
Dizzy found he could step through the mirror and enter it's backward world. 
What he didn't notice was that his reflection had left the mirror, where it found out it was nothing but a reflection of the real Dizzy. 
Determined not to return to the backward world, the Doppelganger ran from the mirror, summoning up all his strength and willpower not to go back into the mirror as Dizzy left. 
The Doppelganger found its way to the village back in Zakeria, where it realised that whether or not it was in the mirror, it was still only a reflection of the true Dizzy. 

Away from its world, the Doppelganger began to mutate. 
Its eyes turned red and as two fangs pushed through his gums, green blood began to trickle from his mouth and onto his gloves and boots. 
The stain didn't come out, so he later made a dye from leaves and other green plants and dyed the gloves and boots green. 
Now his aim in life is to achieve an identity other than "the Dizzy Doppelganger". 
And to do this, he must kill Dizzy. 


He's sailed at least eight seas, looting, plundering, pillaging, splicing the mainbrace and all those other cliched pirate activities. 

He's the meanest pirate captain probably in the world, but Dizzy just finds him annoying. 
Whenever Blackheart's around, Dizzy lets out a long sigh as he knows he's going to be made to fasten the rigging or one of those irritating little chores Blackheart gets him to do if he doesn't want to walk the plank.
Which he usually ends up doing anyway.