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Author: Philip & Andrew Oliver (The Oliver Twins)
Programmers: The Oliver Twins, Reflective Designs, W.A.S.P., Derek Leigh Gilchrist, Lyndon Sharp
Graphics: Leigh Christian, Pete Ranson, Michael Sanderson, Jonothan Smyth
Musician: Sonic Graffiti, Lyndon Sharp, Matt Symonds



Dizzy's in trouble - again!
Dizzy was taking a boat journey to visit his girlfriend Daisy, and present her with a glittering pearl necklace (the old romantic).
But catastrophe strikes as Dizzy discovers he's not on a passenger boat at all! It's a pirate ship, captained by none other than the evil Captain Blackheart!
"Yikes!" yelled Dizzy as Blackheart snatched the pearls from his clutches!
Blackheart hollered, "Avast there! Splice the mainbrace! And chuck this land-lubber over the side!".
With that, Dizzy was made to walk the plank and - splooosh! - into the ocean he fell!
As Dizzy sank into the mysterious ocean caverns there was only one thing for it - head for the surface and fast!! 


Bubble Dizzy is an arcade style action video game developed by the Oliver twins and published in November 1990 by Codemasters. 
The game involves Dizzy being forced to walk the plank of a pirate ship and down the sea bed.
Use bubbles to float back to the surface and dry land.
Like Dizzy Down the Rapids, this game derived from a mini-game found in The Fantastic Adventures of Dizzy. 

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