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Author: Ian Munro (Retrocoder)
Category: Arcade Games
Game Type: Fan Games
Released: 11/2005

Story: One day, Grand Dizzy was putting the finishing touches to his brand new Toy Making Invention.   "Just got to tighten this last nut and we're ready....oooOOOh, eekk!" shouted Grand Dizzy as the spanner slipped and he fell to the floor. "UURGH!!"...
Author: Phil Ruston
Category: Dizzy Clones
Game Type: Fan Games
Released: 01/2000

Notes: Giddy 3 was well known to the Dizzy Community back in 2000, and It's original DOS version was once hosted on "The Dizzy Zone".   As Giddy, the egg-shaped super hero, you must solve a load of tongue-in-cheek puzzles by trundling around some strange...