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May 2, 2016      (Fan Game News)

Dr. Titus has sent us a DizzyAGE Remake of David O`Flynn`s fangame ``Dizzy in the Dungeons``.

Apr 30, 2016      (Fan Game News)

Looks like Steve Rennie has brought `Movieland Dizzy` to life!

Mar 10, 2016      (Fan Game News)

A blast from the past from David O`Flynn but not as you remember it.

Jan 10, 2016      (Fan Game News)

New year, new fan game!

Dec 19, 2015      (Fan Game News)

Steve Rennie has churned out yet another adventure.

Dec 18, 2015      (Fan Game News)

David O`Flynn has returned and has finished his latest fan game.

Dec 12, 2015      (Fan Game News)

Since It`s December, let`s take a look through the Fan Game archive!

Oct 25, 2015      (Fan Game News)

Steve Rennie has devised a new challenge called `House of Puzzles`.

Sep 8, 2015      (Fan Game News)

Steve Rennie returns with an adventure heavily based on Bubblefox`s fangame, Dizzy - The Next Generation.

Jul 27, 2015      (Fan Game News)

Daisy has turned evil in Steve Rennie`s latest DizzyAGE adventure, Dizzy`s Bad Dream.