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Apr 20, 2014      (Fan Game News)

trz's team are back once again with a new DizzyAGE adventure. Fantastic Dizzy: Home Alone.

Apr 18, 2014      (Fan Game News)

A new Windows first-person Dizzy fangame is now available by Anthony Burns.

Feb 23, 2014      (Fan Game News)

Matt Lee AKA Lord Dizzy of Yolkfolk is back with a new adventure, Enchanting Day Dizzy.

Feb 22, 2014      (Fan Game News)

Relax, everyone. Simon Rice has just released 'Don't Panic Dizzy!'

Feb 22, 2014      (Fan Game News)

A Russian DizzyAGE game made by trz...

Feb 6, 2014      (Fan Game News)

Steve Rennie returns with The Sisterhood.

Nov 19, 2013      (Fan Game News)

A little late for Halloween but Steve Rennie has released a game titled "Zombified" where the Yolkfolk become zombies!

Sep 26, 2013      (Fan Game News)

It's not Peter Teal's long awaited remake, but a very good version of 'Almost Spellbound Dizzy' by Steve Rennie.

Aug 22, 2013      (Fan Game News)

Simon Rice has released another DizzyAGE adventure called 'Dizzy and the Jewel Thief'...

Jul 25, 2013      (Fan Game News)

Steve Rennie has made another DizzyAGE adventure with Dizzy, The Kings Flag.