News Articles for Official Games

Jan 15, 2017      (Official Games)

The kickstarter for Dreamworld Pogie, has finished.

Dec 15, 2016      (Official Games)

The rediscovered game also comes with It`s own website.

Oct 25, 2015      (Official Games)

Along with a new website!

Oct 24, 2015      (Official Games)

Announced today at the big dizzy reveal event is the release of Wonderland Dizzy.

Sep 26, 2015      (Official Games)

The Oliver Twins will also be attending a retro gaming event at The Centre for Computing History in Cambridge. Click for more details.

Jun 11, 2015      (Official Games)

Watch the Oliver Twins play Fast Food....

Apr 5, 2015      (Official Games)

An Easter treat from the Oliver Twins.

Sep 9, 2014      (Official Games)

Confirmation that Crystal Kingdom was originally titled Dizzy VII.

Nov 30, 2012      (Official Games)

Today, two updates have been made on the Kickstarter page...

Nov 28, 2012      (Official Games)

As of right now, over 18k has been pledged so far. We still have a long way to go so please keep spreading the word!....