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Sep 28, 2008      (Community News)

Well, It's sure been a while since we've seen an update in the DizzyAGE front.

Sep 21, 2008      (Community News)

Because of life issues I'm going through at the moment, this month's Newsletter will not be published on the coming Saturday...

Jul 12, 2008      (Fan Game News)

Mr. Jamie Douglas is back with an eggcellent demo to his latest venture into Dizzy...

Jul 9, 2008      (Fan Game News)

Phillip Ward AKA Meph has today released his second DizzyAGE game, Dizzy in Emerald City...

Jul 1, 2008      (Community News)

This year's DizzyAGE Easter Competition has officially ended.

Jun 2, 2008      (Site News)

Because of a security problem, the voting system had to be implemented differently. Now you must be a member in the Dizzy Community Forums...

May 5, 2008      (Fan Game News)