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May 8, 2015      (Community News)

The Retro Asylum boys interviewed the Twins at Play Blackpool....

May 8, 2015      (Community News)

Patrick Furlong is writing `The Dizzy Book` and needs YOUR HELP!

May 7, 2015      (Site News)

Dizzy fan pics ahoy!

Apr 28, 2015      (Community News)

Which game would the Olivers bring onto a Desert Island?

Apr 24, 2015      (Community News)

The Retro Gaming Daily Show talks about the first Dizzy game.

Apr 24, 2015      (Community News)

Important update regarding this year`s Easter Competition...

Apr 5, 2015      (Official Games)

An Easter treat from the Oliver Twins.

Apr 4, 2015      (Fan Game News)

EgoTrip has entered his newest game into this year\'s Easter Competition.

Mar 13, 2015      (Community News)

Showcasing SkySaga and having a Q&A session....

Mar 1, 2015      (Community News)

Dizzy - The Ultimate Cartoon Adventure