The Yolkfolk



Dizzy started off life as just another member of the Yolkfolk, but once he made friends with the good wizard Theodore, his life began to change dramatically. All his life Dizzy had lived in the treehouse village in the Enchanted Forest near the city of Keldor. Dizzy often helped his friends dig in the diamond mines. When they had enough diamonds, they would trade with the people of Keldor, mostly trolls, who worked for the kindly King Rockwart. However, when the evil wizard Zaks arrived in his castle perched upon a huge cloud high above Keldor, he brainwashed Rockwart and the rest of the trolls, who began to work for him. Zaks bore a grudge against Theodore, and began by doing little annoying things like making it rain every Sunday during the Yolkfolk cricket match, but went on to do really horrid things like blasting people with magic firestars until their eyes burned out. Dizzy made it his ambition to get rid of Zaks. And he thought he had, until Zaks returned. Since then he's been catapulted through a series of weird adventures, on a desert island, in a Fantasy World, in Magicland, in the Underworld beneath the Forest, lost near a castle in the Forest itself, and all around the kingdom of Zakeria. Dizzy is now Zaks' bitter enemy, and will stop at nothing to rid the world of his influence. 



Head cheerleader and Dizzy's girlfriend. For the latter reason, Zaks prefers her as a target for his wrath, as Dizzy always tries to rescue her, often leading himself right into Zaks' hands. So far Dizzy has been lucky enough to evade capture - or worse - by doing away with Zaks some way or other. Daisy always tries to see the good side to every situation - and every person. She still insists that somewhere deep-down inside Zaks is a Theodore trying to get out. She wants to try and coax it out, which is why Zaks has little problem capturing her. 


DoraDizzy's younger sister likes nothing more than baking cakes ready for the monthly meeting, then throwing suprise picnics and accidentally letting everyone finish them ahead of time. This means Dora is almost always baking and having picnics. Dora wants to own a big sweet shop when she grows up. She hates frogs, having been one at least twice, and she's afraid of the dark.