Game Sounds and Dizzy Ditties

Dizzy Game SFX (Zipped) 

- Crystal Kingdom Dizzy
(Most Amiga sounds) 

- Dizzy down the Rapids 
(Spectrum and Commodore sounds) 
- Dizzy TUCA
(Spectrum and Commodore sounds) 

- Fantastic Dizzy
(Most Sega Megadrive sounds) 

- Fantasy World Dizzy
(Amiga sounds and Spectrum sounds) 
- Fast Food 
(Spectrum, Amiga and Atari ST sounds) 

- Magicland Dizzy
(Spectrum and Commodore sounds) 

- Treasure Island Dizzy
(Amiga, Commodore and Spectrum sounds) 

Dizzy Game Ditties (Zipped) 

- Spectrum 
- Commodore 

Dizzy Game Voices (Zipped) 

 - Collection of voices from the Dizzy games