Misc. Downloads

Various goodies for the fans. 

Character Sprites

- Daisy, Dylan and Denzil playable sprites (Images in TGA format) 
(by Andy Mason) 
- Yolkfolk playable sprites (Images in TGA format)
(by Colin Page) 

Desktop Icons 

(by Krzysiobal & Bemberg) 


(by Sirion & Firemark) 


(by Melanie Hoyle & Peter Teal) 


Dizzy Fonts 

- Fuddle
(by Ingolemo) 

Fangame Engines 

- Dizzy's Normal Day Engine (TGF)
(by Alex Smith) 
- Dizzy Z Engine (TGF)
(by Nitro of Swiat Dizzy) 

- Dizzy Template (TGF)
(by AndyUK) 

- Make your own Dizzy game (DizzyAGE)
(by Jamie Douglas)  


- Dizzy: Prince of the Yolkfolk
(by Adam Markey) 
- Dizzy TUCA
(by Adam Markey) 
- Magicland Dizzy
(by Adam Markey) 
- Spellbound Dizzy
(by Adam Markey) 
- Treasure Island Dizzy
(by Adam Markey)
- Yolkfolk.com's 10th Anniversary
(by Adam Markey) 
- Yolkfolk.com's Screensaver 
(by Adam Markey) 

Sprite Sheets 

- Crystal Kingdom Dizzy (C64)
(by Adam Markey) 
- Commodore 64 Dizzy
(by Adam Markey) 
- Fantastic Dizzy (Sega Mega Drive)
(by Adam Markey) 

Winamp Skins 

- Amiga Dizzy [ PREVIEW
(by Colin Page) 
(by Melanie Hoyle)